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Wedding Hat Etiquette

Wedding hats, whether for the mother of the bride, mother of the groom or for the wedding guest offer ladies the opportunity to show off their unique refined sense of style. Special occasions require a special hat or headpiece and we are sure that you will find just what you are looking for from Simply Chic Hat Hire’s large selection of bespoke hats and headpieces. Some important rules of thumb apply to wearing a hat/headpiece to a wedding:


You’re wearing the hat and not the other way around. Be confident but choose a style that ultimately you’re comfortable in and one that compliments your shape and height. If you’re tall avoid tall hats and go for wider brims. If you’re short avoid large hats and go for smaller structured creations.

The Mother of the Groom should always choose a wedding hat smaller than the Mother of the Bride’s. This is a set rule across all social situations that dictate that guests should never out-shine their hosts. The Mother of the Bride also dictates when other ladies may remove their hats or headpiece. Until she removes her hat, other ladies are expected to leave theirs on.


Women’s hats are fashion accessories and are part of their ensembles. Therefore, ladies are not required to remove their hats when going indoors. However, never knowingly obscure anyone’s view and keep all of those pesky feathers at bay so they don’t poke anyone in the eye. When seated directly in front of someone at the ceremony, it is polite to remove your hat. If asked by a gentleman to remove your headpiece because it is obstructing his view, a lady is unfortunately expected to kindly oblige. These are just a few hat etiquette rules. Finally, smile and enjoy your wedding, It’s a special occasion.

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