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Terms & Conditions

Simply Chic Hat Hire, Terms and Conditions.

Hat/Headpiece Hire Agreement


1.     Each hired piece must be returned in the same condition as hired. (Remember, water              damages hats, please use an umbrella if raining)

2.         Booking deposit is refunded when the hat is returned in the condition it was shipped

3.         In the event of the piece being damaged, your booking fee will be forfeited

4.     There will be an extra charge of 10euro per day for each day the piece is detained after the stipulated time

5.     No piece will be considered booked until the booking fee and hire charge has been received

6.     In the event of a cancellation, the booking fee will not be refunded

7.     It the piece is not returned, the customer undertakes to pay the full marked value of the piece

8.     Online hat/headpiece hire charge is non-refundable

9.     Hire vouchers are no valid for online orders but may be redeemed and used in person. Please contact us for more details

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