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Ten Top Tips

10 Top Tips for choosing a Hat/Headpiece

1. Wear a hat/headpiece that fits properly. We all have different size heads so be sure to be comfortable in the one you choose.

2. Choose a hat/headpiece that is complementary to your skin tone.

3. Choose a piece with trims/feathers that bring out the colour of your eyes.

4. A hat/headpiece does not have to match your dress perfectly, use contrasting colours, i.e. a red hat/headpiece with a neutral beige outfit.

5. Wear your hair pulled back to show off your hat, hair and lipstick.

6. Never wear a hat that exceeds your shoulder length. The taller the person the bigger the hat!

7. Be ready for compliments! Men especially love women in hats and be ready as they will tell you so!

8. Tilt your hat/headpiece to one side, it is more flattering to your face and creates a more jaunty effect.

9. Match your make-up! Use co-coordinating eye makeup and lipstick to compliment your hat.

10. Now view Simply Chic Hat Hire’s collection of ladies designer hats and headpieces, and when you have, simply call Bróna on (087) 9294776 to reserve your hat/headpiece today!

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